SQLite Navigator 2.0 Arabella – First glance

This is the first screenshot of SQLite Navigator 2.0 (codename Arabella):

Arabella is built on WPF, and that means more thorough styling (only some toolbar tweaks remain). This is a screenshot from the very early build, as you can see. It is able just to connect/disconnect to databases and to show output messages and template files. I used Managed Extensibility Framework (MEF) in the application architecture, and it works like a charm – all I need now is to add features one by one, in separated files, in separated assemblies even. All the necessary menu items, toolbar buttons and other frontend will be created by the framework itself. Thanks to MEF, Arabella also has support for plugins even at this stage of developing.


Published by

Victor Lapin

Head of a Software Development Group

6 thoughts on “SQLite Navigator 2.0 Arabella – First glance”

  1. I would like to know how you created this docking styled container look. Do you use a third party extension assembly or is this something you created yourself ?!

  2. Ok I thought it was AvalonDock but you wrote it was all by the framework itself so I thought .NET would have an internal docking framework.

    Seems like I need to upgrade my AvalonDock Lib 🙂 , thanks

    1. I wrote about extensibility – I can add the functionality piece by piece, and all needed buttons and menu items will be created by MEF. It was not about the docking 🙂
      By the way, author of AvalonDock has announced version 2.0. According to him, it will be even better.

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